My name is Herbert Verbeke, born in Antwerp intra muros, and now trying
to survive in a strange country Spain as a lonesome 80 years old total kept in silence
and EU unique true polical and very heavy persecuted fugitive without any revenue or
social aid, without humanitarian aid, without medical and legal help, and even
without papers which were stolen by authorities and even refused by the embassies.

The persecutions, now almost 40 years, are not only by illegal opinion crimes (not in Spain),
but also by pure criminal actions including murder attempts and sovjet like oppression
and by numerous administrative agressions and even by social guerrilla's.
As said, the complete press and media have to keep this shocking state terrorism secret
on command - US KNOWS US -, but also the so-called political oppositions are not moving.

All this for an opinion which is elsewhere allowed and criticised in Belgium by the University
and even now after 1995 by Vl.Bl., and for criticism against local super maffia of criminal authorities
above law and order since end WW2 in the capital of criminal Europe in a state of bandits, Belgium.

As an example, it is in this criminal city that authorities instead of peace and well being
are organising a criminal nightlife including sex-industry with international women-trade,
and with dirty homo drugs disco's of the homo chief of police, where the mayor appears as DJ to
punish afterwards to citizens* who were leaving the city, with almost worldwide unique high fines,
to confiscate the empty properties for the enlargemnt of this criminal nightlife of Sam Voeten.


*"Vroeger bood de stad een mengvorm van allerhande funkties, stelt Timmerman. Nu krijgt men monofunktionele wijken die de bewoonbaarheid niet bevorderen.
Aan de Schelde-kaaien staan overgeprijsde appartementen op kopers en huurders te wachten. Aan de Singel groeit het kantorenaanbod gestaag aan,
in de kernstad woekert de horeca en de belangrijkste winkelstraten worden boulevards voor Nederlandse winkelketens.
Bij dit alles stelt men een aanhoudende ontvolking van (lees : (zoals de joden) verdrijving uit) de binnenstad vast."